GTCP 131-9 Series APU Overhauled/Serviceable Parts

In July 2014 we purchased our first 131-9 series APU for teardown.

131-9_Parts 131-9_Parts 131-9_Parts

This APU was a 131-9B from a Boeing 737-800 aircraft and the APU became too expensive for the airline to repair at a shop visit and was sold for spares recovery. The parts of the APU were sent to Revima-APU in France for re-inspection and certification before coming into Swanaero’s stock in October 2014. All parts have 2014 Revima EASA Form 1 dual release and full traceability.

131-9_Parts 131-9_Parts 131-9_Parts

In 2016 we purchased a package of parts from a 131-9A APU that was torn down.

Examples of the items currently available are listed below. For a full list of available parts, please contact us.

Part NumberDescription
3810948-1Inlet Plenum – Upper
3827265-4Housing – Load Comp Bearing
3827401-1Deswirl – Engine Compressor
3827402-3Housing Assy Diffuser
3827430-1Support – Inlet Duct
3844738-6Seal – Stationary
3861025-1Gearshaft Assy – Lube Pump
3861028-1Gearshaft – Generator
3861046-1Gearshaft – Generator
3863150-1Retainer – Bearing
3868027-1Quill Shaft