LRUs / Accessories

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We have a range of LRUs / Accessories for APUs available as follows.

All items are serviceable / overhauled with Form 1 or 8130-3.

For more information, please contact us.

LRUs for 36-100 and 36-150 series APUs
Part NumberDescription
160366-1Oil Cooler
518954-1Starter Motor
518954-1-1Starter Motor
519892-6-3Starter Motor
109788-3-2Load Control Valve
109812-1-1Load Control Valve
109812-9-1Load Control Valve
109812-12Load Control Valve
304298-1Electrical Harness
3289810-1-1Anti Surge Valve
3610004-3Fuel Nozzle
3610004-4Fuel Nozzle
3830061-5Fuel Nozzle
3830155-2Fuel Manifold – Primary
3830156-2Fuel Manifold – Secondary
3830166-1Flow Divider
3876001-7LOP Switch
3882600-5Fuel Control Unit
3882600-8Fuel Control Unit
3882600-8-1Fuel Control Unit
3882730-2Fuel Control Unit
3882730-9Fuel Control Unit
3882840-5Fuel Control Unit
3884310-3Cooling Fan
3884569-6Anti Surge Valve
3888000-2Ignition Unit / Exciter
3888000-3Ignition Unit / Exciter
3888001-6Ignition Lead
3888030-1HOT Switch
3888030-6HOT Switch
3888051-5Electrical Harness
3888084-1Electrical Harness
3888302-3Ignition Lead
3888302-6Ignition Lead
3888302-9Ignition Lead
3888302-12Ignition Lead
3888302-15Ignition Lead
3888302-16Ignition Lead
692545-6Solenoid Valve
692545-17Solenoid Valve
692545-18Solenoid Valve
978668-3-1Anti Surge Valve
LRU’s for PW901A APUs
Part NumberDescription
3900061Oil Temperature Sensor
3911987-02Electrical Wiring Harness
3912235-02Electrical Wiring Harness
LRU’s for Sundstrand APS-1000 APUs
Part NumberDescription
4502904BCooling Fan
4950385Valve Check
179349-1Indicator – Pressure Differential
115352-2Ignition Cable
LRU’s for Sundstrand APS-500 APUs
Part NumberDescription
169886-2Oil Filter Pressure Indicator
172337-100Fuel Manifold
4504401AFuel Nozzle