331-200 & 331-250 APU Serviceable Parts


3810214-5 Lower Plenum


3810213-10 Upper Plenum

In 2021 we continued to invest in this APU type, used on the Boeing 757 and 767 now much in demand as cargo aircraft.

In June 2021 we purchased 331-200ER APU serial number P-1601 which was torn down at Dublin Aerospace’s workshop. We have also just purchased APU s/n P-1555 which is now at Dublin Aerospace’s workshop for disassembly, parts are due in stock at Swanaero later in 2021.

Our involvement in this product line started in 2010 when we had our first 331-200ER APU parted-out. The APU was purchased from UK operator Thomson Airways and parts were inspected at H+S Aviation and Piedmont.

In 2013 we purchased 331-200ER s/n P-114C in disassembled condition. It was sent for teardown and parts inspection at Revima-APU.

In 2015 we purchased 331-250F s/n P-174 which was torn down at Dublin Aerospace.

In 2016 we purchased a package of parts from a 331-200ER which was torn down at Dublin Aerospace.

Also in 2016 we purchased 331-200ER serial number P-1394 which was torn down at Dublin Aerospace’s workshop. Certain LRUs were also repaired at Piedmont.

In 2019 we purchased 331-200ER APU serial number P-2121 for teardown to parts.The APU was sent to Dublin Aerospace’s workshop for disassembly and parts inspection. Certain LRUs were also set to TurbineAero and Piedmont for test and repair.

Examples of materials currently available are listed below. All parts are listed on ILS and PartsBase and regularly updated.

For a full list of available parts, please contact us.

Part NumberDescription
3810123-8IGV Cover
3810124-12IGV Housing
3810213-10Plenum – Upper
3810214-5Plenum – Lower
3822060-2Coupling and Seal
3822067-21st Stage Compressor Rotor (TSN 19790, CSN 18101)
3822077-4Tie Shaft
3840007-12nd Stage Disk (has 1899 cycles remaining)
3840008-22nd Stage Blades (Qty 33)
3844007-11st Stage Stator Support
3844011-3Curvic Coupling
3844049-11st Stage Stator Support
3844050-2Seal Labyrinth
3850010-2Muffler Housing
3876024-5LOP Switch
3880200-6Scavenge Pump
3882550-3Fuel Flow Divider