36-100 & 36-150 Series APU Serviceable Parts

36-100_36-150_Parts 36-100_36-150_Parts 36-100_36-150_Parts Since the start of 2008 Swanaero has parted-out a total of seventy six 36-100 and 36-150 series APUs.

We have worked with a range of different types including 36-100E, 100G, 100M, 150A, 150AA, 150DD, 150F, 150F2M, 150G, 150J, 150M, 150R, 150RJ and 150W.

In 2021 we have so far completed the teardown of a 36-150M and a 36-150R and have a 36-150AA on disassembly.

In 2020 we completed the teardown of a 36-150R, a 36-150W and a 36-100E.

In 2019 we parted out three 36-150AAs, a 36-150W, a 36-100E and three 36-150Ms.

36-100_36-150_Parts 36-100_36-150_Parts 36-100_36-150_Parts All parts are listed on ILS, PartsBase, Avspares and B2B-Aero and regularly updated. Examples of the components currently in stock are listed below. Please contact us for a full list of available parts.

Part Number Description
3615880-1 Turbine Rotor
3614521-3 Labyrinth Seal
3810050-4 Compressor Seal Housing
3810070-2 Bearing Housing
3810322-3 Seal Housing
3822016-1 Spur Gearshaft
3822101-1 Compressor Rotor
3822105-1 Spur Gearshaft
3826032-1 Diffuser
3826272-2 Deswirler
3826272-6 Deswirler
3826369-2 Compressor Housing
3826369-4 Compressor Housing
3826369-5 Compressor Housing
3826370-2 Diffuser
3830077-9 Combustion Liner
3830040-6 Combustion Liner
3846004-9 Scroll
3846015-2 Deflector – Turbine Wheel
3846244-1 Turbine Nozzle
3846472-1 Turbine Nozzle
3860009-1 Gearshaft
3860012-1 Gear Spur
3860131-2 Gear
3860134-1 Gear
3860334-1 Spur Gear
3860339-1 Gear Set
3860331-2 Ring Gear
3860426-3 Gearshaft
3860498-1 Gearshaft
3860498-3 Gearshaft
3862007-1 Carrier
3862007-4 Carrier
3862083-2 Gearbox Housing
3862083-5 Gearbox Housing
3880000-2 Oil Pump
3880225-2 Oil Pump